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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound  Dream On CD & Video
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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Dream On

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound get better with every release, and this brand new live video offers a new level of creative and musical depth that reveals this group’s true potential!  Dream On was filmed before an enthusiastic live audience  at Chicago’s Navy Pier Ballroom and delivers a new crop of great songs,  complete with the tight harmoniesand the ever-fresh energy with  which Ernie and Signature Sound have taken the world of gospel music by storm. Also featuring the hilarious comedy of Chonda Pierce, and the world-renowned  voice of Jessy Dixon,offers something for everyone and is sure to  delight gospel music fans of every age.

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1. Right Place, Right Time

2. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
3. Never Give Up, Never Give In 4. My Kind Of Town
5. Reason Enough 6. Dream On
featuring New Friendship Youth and Young Adult Choir
7. Rockin’ Jerusalem
featuring New Friendship Youth and Yound Adult Choir
8. Between The Cross And Heaven
9. Since Jesus Passed By 10. Out Of Bondage
11. Operator
featuring Jessy Dixon and the Jessy Dixon Singers
12. Sundays Are Made For Times Like These
13. Are You Enjoying The Show 14. The Old Landmark
15. Chonda Pierce
16. No Unknown Soldiers
17. A Good Heart 18. We Need Each Other
featuring Jessy Dixon, New Friendship Youth and Young Adult Choir
19. * CD SONG LIST 20. Right Place, Right Time
21. Reason Enough 22. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
23. Dream On 24. Never Give Up, Never Give In
25. Since Jesus Passed By 26. No Unknown Soldiers
27. Sundays Are Made For Times Like These 28. A Good Heart
29. Between The Cross And Heaven 30. Are You Enjoying The Show
31. The Old Landmark 32. Out Of Bondage
33. We Need Each Other 34. My Kind Of Town (Live Version)

Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound Video
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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Release Date: October 25, 200

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Gaither Gospel SeriesPerhaps no other group is exciting southern gospel audiences today like Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Their vibrant performance, while paying homage to the great quartets of the ’40’s, ’50’s and ’60’s, is contemporary and sparkles with the unbridled energy that has become their hallmark. The concert, taped on campus at Anderson University, features special guests The Gaither Vocal Band, Russ Taff and Lynda Randle and promises to propel the group to a new level of popularity. Songs include: “This Could Be The Dawning,” “Then Came The Morning,” “Tryin’ To Get A Glimpse” and “Shout Brother Shout.” This package contains the group’s brand new self-titled studio CD. Order at SSQ websit

1 Shout, Brother, Shout 2 Trying To Get A Glimpse
3 Godspeed 4 Then Came The Morning
5 Do You Want To Be Forgiven 6 This Old Place
7 If This Is What God Wants 8 Pray For Me
9 Goodbye Egypt (Hello Canaan Land) 10 Forgiven Again
Gaither Vocal Band and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound:
Gaither Gospel Series

The long awaited project from The Gaither Vocal Band and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound “TOGETHER” is FINALLY HERE!  This exciting musical event combines the Gaither Vocal Band’s long tradition of excellence with the fresh vitality of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.  With timeless songs, powerful harmonies, and a stellar cast of voices and musicians, this two-hour concert event will capture your heart in ways that simply could not be accomplished by either group individually.

It’s big… it’s fun… and more than anything, it is momentous to witness eight unique voices joining as one mighty instrument for one historic night.  Bill Gaither once said, “If four voices are great... eight are magical.”  He is absolutely right.  The DVD or VHS is $30.00 and if you order you will receive at no additional cost the CD or Cass Free.

Gaither Vocal Band has sold over 2 million albums and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound has sold over 300,000 audio and videos with their first two releases.

Holy Highway Holy Is The Lord
Great Day Nothing But The Blood
featuring GVB – SSQ
Love Is Like A River Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
featuring Jeff Easter on harmonica
Sweet, Sweet, Spirit John In The Jordan
featuring SSQ – Kevin Williams
Old Campmeeting Days
featuring SSQ
Swing Down Chario
Brand New Song
featuring GVB
Sinner’s Plea
Wake Up Dancin’
featuring Gordon Mote
Tho’ Autumn’s Coming On
featuring Bill Gaither
Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven America Medley
Goodby World, Goodby Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
Blow The Trumpet In Zion I Then Shall Live
Heaven’s Joy Awaits These Are They
Get Up In Jesus’ Name
featuring Gordon Mote – GVB

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Get Away Jordan
Gaither Gospel Series Presents

These Dove Award winners are becoming one of the most sought-after groups in gospel music today. Their much anticipated sophomore project features the same great gospel sound, endless energy and onstage banter that have won fans over worldwide.

This special presale package includes the DVD or video, CD or cassette and a bonus 27 page Family Album photo book; a snapshot look at their lives.

Audio is a studio recording, not a soundtrack of the video. Be one of the first 2000 customers to reserve your copy and receive the Family Album autographed by each member of Signature Sound.

1. Someday 12. Search Me Lord
featuring the Gaither Vocal Band
2. He’s My Guide 13. Home
featuring the Gaither Vocal Band
3. Our Debts Will Be Paid 14. He Touched Me
featuring Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gaither Vocal Band
4. Lovest Thou Me (More Than These?) 15. John In The Jordan
5. Dem Bones 16. I Pledge My Allegiance
6. He Made A Change 17. The Star-Spangled Banner
7. Happy Birthday, Anniversary Too 18. God Bless America
8. I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
featuring the Ball Brothers
19. What God Says
9. It Is Done
20. Until We Fly Away
10. Pray For Me 21. Softly and Tenderly
featuring Roy Webb on piano
11. Get Away, Jordan 22. What A Savior
Stand By Me – Live
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Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
Signature Sound led by former Cathedrals Quartet tenor, Ernie Haase, is the newest name in southern gospel music. Their exciting new project Stand By Me: Live is packed full of great music.Recorded at Bethel Temple in Evansville, Indiana (Ernie’s hometown and the first place he heard the Cathedrals) this new release is sure to be a moving experience for all.

1 Heavenly Parade
(Featuring SSQ)
2 Glory, Glory Clear The Road
(Featuring SSQ)
3 Gone
(Featuring Doug Anderson)
4 Going Home
(Featuring Ryan Seaton)
5 Old Time Christian Way
Featuring SSQ)
6 When We All Get To Heaven
(Piano Solo Featuring Roy Webb)
7 Happy Rhythm
(Featuring SSQ)
8 Had It Not Been
(Featuring Doug Anderson)
9 Stand By Me
(Featuring Tim Duncan)
10 Little Is Much
(Featuring Ernie Haase)
11 Softly And Tenderly
(Piano Solo
Featuring Roy Webb)
12 Gentle Shepherd
(Featuring Ernie Haase)
13 Oh What A Savior
(Featuring Ernie Haase)
14 Stand By Me
(Reprise Featuring Tim Duncan)
15 Bonus: Suppertime
(Featuring George Younce
and Signature Sound Quartet)
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Psalm 68:25
The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels