Ian Owens - Bio

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Born Live in Nashville
Birthday Born on June 7, 1980
Wife Megan Grant Owens Born on December 25, 1981
Children Liam
Sibling Rachel Lynn Copeland

2003-2010 The Imperials - Cumberland Quartet

High School Terry High School
College Hinds CC Class of 2000 · Classical Brass Performance (Euphonium)
Name Meaning

Owens-meaning hare
Origin Displayed: Welsh

Recorded as Owens and occasionally Owenson, this is a Royal Welsh surname, being, it is claimed, descent from the ancient tribes of North Wales. It is a patronymic of Owen, which is derived either from the ancient Celtic personal name Owain, adapted from the Latin “Eugenius”, meaning “well-born”, or from the Old Welsh word “oen”, meaning the lamb. Given the warrior status of the clan, this seems an unlikely explanation. Owain or Owen has long been one of the most popular of all Welsh personal names, and some thirty-nine Owains are featured in ancient Welsh legends. Hereditary surnames were a later adoption in Wales than almost any other European country, not becoming ‘fixed’ until the 17th century/ Examples of the name recording include Owen Gwynedd, a 12th Century chieftain, and Owen Glendower (Owain Glyndwr), 1353 – 1416, the greatest hero of Welsh history. He was the Prince of Wales who established the Welsh parliaments and nearly became an independent king of Wales, but was defeated by Henry 1V of England. The personal name was first recorded in England in 926, in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, as “Uwen”, and the much later coat of arms has the unusual blazon of a red field, charged with six gold pineapples. The first recorded spelling of the family name in any form may be that of Ralph Owein. This was dated 1221, in the Assize Rolls of Warwickshire”, during the reign of King Henry 111rd of England, 1216 – 1272. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. Welsh: patronymic from Owen, with English patronymic -s. Irish: adopted as an Anglicized form by bearers of the Gaelic surname Mac Eoghain (see McEwen).

Ian is pronounced EE-an, EYE-an. It is of Scottish origin. Variant of John (Hebrew) “God is gracious”.Iain is the normal Scottish Gaelic spelling. Author Ian Fleming; actor Ian McKellen. Ian has 6 variant forms: Ean, Eann, Eion, Eon, Iain and Ion. For more information, see also related names Davian, Eoin and Evian. Baby names that sound like Ian are Iwan and Jan. Ian is a very common first name for men (#263 out of 1220) but an uncommon last name for both men and women. (1990 U.S. Census)

Psalm 68:25
The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.