Ernie Haase Former Jobs

The Noblemen Quartet from Evansville IN. He was a senior in high school. (1983)  Mike Meyer’s wife Joyce played piano for the group and Mike ran sound.  Mike and Joyce introduced him to the song “Oh What A Savior” Ernie said   I am grateful for them and glad to have called Mike a friend.  I talked with Mike a couple of days before he passed way and He told me on the phone that he had made peace with God and was ready to go. Ernie add I am  sad for Joyce and their son Chris…… but happy for Mike and his promotion.

Conquerors Quartet in 1989. With his friend Mike Meyers Ernie learned the song “Oh What A Savior” His trademark song. That song got him the Job with the Cats.

We the fans are grateful for the Meyers family for the influences they had on Ernie.

Only two years into his full-time solo career, and yet this multi-talented artist has garnered dozens of awards, appeared on numerous television specials and stays booked-solid months in advance!  Such is the life and career of Ernie Haase.  A full-time musician for the past fourteen years, Ernie realizes that his situation is very unique.  Not many artists can say they have toured with an internationally know group The Cathedrals and then succeed as a full time soloist.

Such a change in his life is not without its challenges.  “There were times in the first few months that I felt very alone,” states Haase.  “I jump on planes alone, wake up in hotel rooms alone – a far cry from just a few years ago when I would be on a tour bus with at least four other group members!  But you know what, Ernie continues… Ive never really been alone- because of what the Lord has given me through His Word.  Hes always with me!”

Ernie began singing professionally in 1986, at the young age of 21, when he joined the gospel group, Redeemed, headed by singer/songwriter Squire Parsons.  Redeemed toured extensively throughout the US and Canada as a respected talented group of young men.  It was then that Ernie realized his calling as a full time traveling evangelist, singing and proclaiming the Good News!

In 1990, Ernie joined Southern Gospels most elite and prestigious quartet, The Cathedrals.  Being tenor for that group earned Ernie a handful of awards, and placed him not only on thousands of stages throughout the land, but instantly gave him a special place in the hearts of thousands of gospel music followers…as a role model to the young, and as a torch-bearer of traditional gospel music to the aged.

When the Cathedrals decided to retire in 1999, Ernie felt the Lord leading him into full time solo work.  His concert calendar for 2000 was already filling up months before the groups time of ministry had even ended- an obvious sign that the Lord was already faithfully carving a road for His son to travel on.

In 2000  Ernie, George Younce, Jake Hess, & Wesley Pritchard formed, Old Friends Quartet with the help of Bill Gaither. They recorded two albums, and did a concert video for the Gaither Homecoming series. George and Jake’s poor health brought an end to the Old Friends a couple of years later. In 2000, former Cathedrals Scott Fowler and Roger Bennett formed the popular traditional Southern Gospel group Legacy Five. In 2003, tenor singer Ernie Haase (with the help of George Younce) put together Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, one of the most popular new groups, and joined the Gaither Homecoming Tour as a featured quartet. After leaving The Cathedrals, Mark Trammell joined another legendary group, Gold City. He left Gold City in 2002 to form the Mark Trammell Trio. Gerald Wolfe formed and sings lead with Greater Vision. Kirk Talley, after leaving the Cathedrals, formed the Talley Trio, and now has a successful solo career. On April 11, 2005, George Younce passed away. The Cathedrals are still seen on reruns of old Homecoming videos, and their albums are still selling. The Cathedral Quartet has left a rich legacy in Southern Gospel Music, and will not soon be forgotten. Info from

In 1999, Ernie created the E-team, a free internet newsletter that his listeners can subscribe to by going to his website (  To date, he has over 13,000 members that he sends testimonies, devotions, and on the road updates to.  He also sends his concert itinerary from month to month, which has greatly increased the size of his audiences.  This has been a surprisingly great success for witnessing to the masses and keeping in touch with the folks that come to his concerts.  A personal touch that Ernie masters.

Ernie recently called on his E-team to help him with the recording of his newest project, Songs Of The Savior.  Last year, he asked his E-team to email him their favorite songs, hymns and southern classics.  Songs Of The Savior is the synopsis of their favorites.

Also included on Songs Of The Savior is a song written by Gospel Legend (and Ernies father-in-law) George Younce.  “I have always loved this song. It is one of the songs that I included as a personal favorite” states Haase.  This project was released to the public on September 13, 2001, just two days after the terrorist attack on America.  Haase describes that week: ” I was at the National Quartet Convention when it all happened.  That was a hard week.  I had to sing that night, but didnt feel like singing at all!  I looked down at my new CD that had just arrived and saw the song “Yesterday”.  That was the first song I sang that night.  The song is over 30 years old, but the message is timeless….”

Yesterday things were different
Today they
re different again.
Jesus will never change
Jesus is always the same
Haase testifies that this song is bringing comfort and hope to those who hear it in the midst of this rapidly changing world.If you havent caught Ernie in a live concert, chances are good that youve seen him on television or heard him on the radio.  Hes appeared on such shows as Nashville Now, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, The Statler Brothers Show, Prime Time Country, The INSP Network, Swans Place, NBCs The Today Show, Turning Point with Dr David Jeremiah, Love Worth Finding with Dr. Adrian Rodgers, 100 Huntley Street, and Life Today, just to name a few. He has also been a guest soloist at both CBA and NRB conventions, the Billy Graham Crusade, and a regular on the Gaither Homecoming videos

Psalm 68:25
The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.